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If your eyelashes are short, lack density and thickness or you dont like their curve, LADIES POINT invites you to try our newest method for eyelash lengthening and thickening the latest hit in this field. The procedure includes attaching extensions to the bases of your own eyelashes, hair by hair. The extensions then blend in with the clients natural lashes. The result is amazing and the only thing you need to do is not use water-resistant mascara, as well as makeup removal and cleaning products that are not water based. Maintenance is not required but you need to keep in mind that at certain periods of time, when your natural eyelash falls off, the extension will also fall off so you may have to visit us again for the attachment of more hairs.
Our salon offers one more kind of extensions LASH VOLUME where the hair represents a small tuft (two hairs with a shared base), for even greater density and thickness. Attachment is done in the same way to the base of the natural eyelash and the rules that you need to observe are absolutely the same.

We guarantee a complete change in the expressiveness of your eyes!

You are always welcome here. We are expecting you!