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There is no arguing that the hairdo is the main element of your image and that hair is of particular importance for ones appearance and that we sometimes waste valuable time trying to arrange and shape it the way we want to. We ourselves often dont know how we want to look.

Visit us and put yourself in the hands of our hairdressers who are convinced that the personal approach towards the client is of utmost importance. They will cut your hair, change its shape and color, shape your hairdo so that it matches your whole image and lifestyle. You could also visit us without a specific purpose, simply to lighten your mood and raise your disposition.

LADIES POINT works with the complete product range of the famous Schwarzkopf Professional German brand Igora, BC bonacure, OSIS and Silhouette. For each type of hair we use separate series of products and therapies for recovery, for deep cleaning, for dyed hair, for extra volume, for additional hydration, for sensitive head skin, anti-dandruff, as well as a series for men. You can take advantage of the enzyme exfoliator and collagen therapy, suitable for long hair, giving it additional shine. You can also try the capsules for sensitive skin and for stimulating hair growth.

The IGORA hair dyes are the pride of the Schwarzkopf empire with excellent covering capacity, giving extra shine, lasting and with a wide range of colors.
For our more exacting clients we offer the products of the French boutique professional hairdressing brand Eugene Perma Carmen Ultime, Cycle Vital and Artiste. You can choose among the following series:
  • for all types of hair, with plum nectar
  • for dyed hair, with kiwi nectar
  • for bleached hair, with lychee nectar
  • against hair loss, with apricot nectar and trichodina
  • against dandruff, with papaya nectar and octopirox
  • against greasy head skin, with grapefruit nectar and sebaril
  • for hard to form hair, with avocado nectar
  • for curly hair, with fig nectar
  • for sensitive and exhausted hair, with mango nectar
  • for thin and weak hair, with melon nectar
  • hair care during the winter
  • hair care during the summer
The CARMEN ULTIME hair dyes are the newest product of Eugene Perma, released on the marked in the beginning of the year, perfected on the basis of long years of laboratory testing and application, sporting the best of all previous developments.

Here you can get advice regarding what type of shampoo, balm or stylant are best for you to use at home. You can also buy the full series.

You are always welcome here. We are expecting you!