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The chief and most important commodity of LADIES POINT is the hair that we offer 100 % natural Bulgarian hair, processed by us with great care and professionalism preserved in special conditions, expecting you, our clients, to become part of your image.

Hair is hand-processed by a team of experts and comes in various densities and lengths. By client request the wefts can be single, double or triple, triples being most appropriate for use at the lower end.

Our chief advantage, along with using natural hair, which everyone can see for themselves, is the method of attaching the extension to the clients hair. The row or weft is attached to locks of the hair by means of sewing in (a revolutionary and discreet method). The advantage of this method is that the joint is made in a way that doesnt break the lock and allows it to grow without the need of cutting or trimming it with growth.
This type of extension uses no thermal, chemical or mechanical means of processing hair. The only thing needed is natural hair growth to be corrected each 6 to 8 weeks with maintenance where the weft is sewn off and then sewn in again to the base of the lock. This method guarantees stable and secure attachment and is suitable even for people actively involved in sports. The joint takes little time to make, cant be seen and it easy to get used to.
The advantage is that the client who has once bought a weft of a certain length can take it off or put it on whenever they please, can change its length and color, further thicken it with new hair when a new cutting of the row is done, etc.

Naturally, by client request our team also works with the other popular hair thickening and extension methods attaching wefts with caps or by gluing, as well as using clasps, suitable for women who like changing their appearance often, who can remove and attach their wefts themselves in case they dont need them all the time.

You are always welcome here. We are expecting you!