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QUESTION I am interested in the eyelash lengthening procedure as mine are too short and very straight. I know that you are offering the new system of eyelash lengthening – hair by hair. So could you explain me what exactly is this system and what result is achieved, because I did used in the past an eyelash set with a glue and I look really absurd?
ANSWER Each woman wants her look to be tempting and her eyelashes to be long and curved. The artificial eyelashes are usually used when an aesthetic problem with the natural eyelashes arises – deformation, insufficient pigmentation, their thinning and even their absence. In case that you are enjoying beautiful and healthy eyelashes, the artificial ones you can use in order to make your face more expressive, to lay emphasis on the make – up of the eyes or to open your look.

The eyelashes together with the eyebrows and the eyelids are part of the defense system of the eye. They have the task to protect the eyes. Through the muscles reflexes of the eyelids (blink), which are closing immediately by appearance of a danger or interference, the exterior aggressor is facing the filter of the eyelashes.

The latest hit in the beauty sphere is the system of eyelash lengthening "Magic Lashes". This is one brand new product that you can use to lengthen or thicken of your eyelashes for a long period of time – when the eyelashes are put and maintained correct this period is between 1 and 3 months. The extensions are made of natural silk that does not irritate and does not disturb the process of recovery of your own eyelashes. They look absolutely real and are merging totally with the own eyelashes.

"Magic Lashes" is a new method that helps for lenghtening and for increase of the volume of the natural eyelashes without any harm. The silk extensions are put one by one, without a direct contact with the eyelid. For achieving of a better result the length is varying between 8 – 15 mm. In order to satisfy all the requirements, the eyelashes have different volume and color. The only thing that you should have is a patience because the procedure lasts about hour and a half – two hours, but you should be certain of the final result.