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QUESTION The skin on my face is very pale and my eyes are small so I dont look good without makeup on. Could you give me some advice on how to apply my makeup, as I am a complete amateur in this field?
ANSWER Good, properly applied makeup that is suited to your image can make a world of difference. Sometimes its essential that a woman wear makeup. We can offer you day and night makeup, makeup for the business lady or in relation to some occasion a wedding, a students farewell ball, a photo session, etc.

Some basic advice we can give:

Basis Choose the right shade of foundation and apply it evenly with your fingers or a sponge. It is recommended to use a foundation with a color lighter than the color of your face for the area under the eye, to conceal the dark circles. Start from the forehead, down to the cheeks and nose and finish with the lips and chin. The color of your face should not be different from that of the neck and neckline. After you have applied the basic color tone, you can apply powder, but with the same color. It would be better if the powder is applied with a brush, including application over the eyes. If you use a blusher, apply it after the eye-shadow shades starting from the ear and moving towards the mouth.

Eyes Eyeliner should be dry so as not to smudge easily. Apply it moving from the inner towards the outer part of your eye. If you have blond hair or fair skin, do not use dark eyeliner; pick a gray or a brown one. Choose the color of the eye-shadow shades according to the color of your eyes and hair, as well as according to the dress you are going to wear. Use contrasting colors for example, if you have brown eyes, apply makeup that is in green or blue, if you have green eyes use makeup that is in pink or purple, if you have blue eyes in brown or gray. Always apply light eye-shadow shades in the outer corner of the eye and under the eyebrows. Mascara is the final touch for achieving an expressive look. Apply it moving upwards and to the side, towards the temples.

Lips When choosing lipstick colors it is best to match it to the color range of your eye makeup. It is important to know that shiny nuances make the lips look larger and dark tones make them look smaller. Always outline the lips with a pencil that is darker or lighter than the lipstick this helps prevent leaking and smudging.

You can have complete confidence in our professional makeup person Svetla who will help you look and feel beautiful.