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QUESTION What special care should I take for my facial skin in the autumn-winter period? Is something special like procedures of therapy required?
ANSWER We all want to look beautiful anytime, anywhere, throughout the year Sadly, external factors have an aggressive influence on the look of our skin in summer the sun dehydrates it and makes it age faster, in winter the wind and cold make it look dry, rough and lacking freshness. That is why during each season of the year we must take care for our skin differently, according to our age, our skin type and the needs of the skin.

Along with its negative aspects, the winter season gives us the opportunity to take care of our facial skin using a specific method for its revitalization and renewal. The name of this method is known to the public as the peeling procedure with its many variations with different concentrations, according to the particular skin problem.

Our team at LADIES POINT offers peeling based on alpha hydroxy acids (s) and to be more precise based on glycol acid. Leading dermatologists and plastic surgeons over the world have long since become convinced in the positive effects of treatment with s. Many clinical publications reflect the acids favorable effect in improving the look and texture of skin.

Our salon works with the products of the American company NEO STRATA, specializing in the development of procedures based on alpha hydroxy and poly hydroxy acids. The Skin Rejuvenation System of NEO STRATA includes a revitalizing peeling with glycol acid, combined with a preparation of the skin and a supportive regimen using the companys products.

This procedure quickly removes the surface layer of cells, revealing fresh, vital skin, stimulates cell regeneration and the reconstruction of deeper layers of the skin. The peeling procedure leads to smoothing and softening the skin it makes skin look healthier, more elastic and thinner, with an even tan.

The procedures with glycol acid as well as most types of peeling are combined with hydrating therapies because during the peeling the uppermost layer of the skin is thinned out and skin becomes prone to dehydration.

Our experts offer you a very rich hydrating therapy of the professional French brand SOTHYS. Within an hour and a half the client receives a varied cocktail of relaxation, skin care and incredible products. The Hydro-optimal 3 program of SOTHYS is an individual procedure, suited to your skin type that stimulates the mechanism of autonomous and automatic regulation. It is recommended for all ages and all times of the year.

Peeling is a therapy that requires several sessions and consistency in the visits to an expert as well as in using cosmetic products at home. The price of a single procedure at LADIES POINT is 50 BGN. The accompanying hydration of SOTHYS one of the richest programs of the French brand costs 80 BGN.

We have a personal approach towards our clients that is tailored to their needs, time and means. The salon works with a wide range of products of SOTHYS, GATINEAU, BERNARD CASSIERE and NEO STRATA.