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QUESTION I would like to use the hair extension method in order to make my hair longer and I am interested in the prices. I would like to know as well which lenght is more appropriate in order a natural vision to be achieved. Thank you.
ANSWER You can have a hair extension of all lengths – till 65 – 75 sm. Every natural hair that is longer than this has ends that are around 8 – 10 years old (it took so long for the hair growth). The best looking extension for the average woman is 55 sm. Off course it is very important how long is your hair, because if it is short or cut in line, you will need at least 3, even 4 rows (tresses) and the lower rows have to be double in order a natural vision to be achieved. If your hair is cut in layers, then the result will be good with 2 rows, but it depends again on the length that you want and on the fact whether you want a maximum thickening.

The price of the tresse depends on the length of the extension and is calculated according to the width of the row. The prices that are declared in our Internet page are calculated for one meter row – this width is enough for making of one set of three rows for lengthening and thickening of the hair. You have to know that depending on the length of your hair and on the manner of the haircut, you may need less than a meter tresse or more than this quantity. The most important thing is the aim that you have – the length that you desire, if you have in mind only thickening without extension or lengthening and thickening at once (generally with all extension a thickening is attained, but by the shorter extensions the thickening – result is more tangible).

The number of the rows and the fact whether they are single or double are determining for the price that you will pay. You have to remember that you will have to pay for maintenance of the hair extension as well. You do not have to expect that you can have quality hair for cents. If the hair is worked up from wig makers, then it is more expensive. We believe that it is better for the client to buy a quality product, which will look better and will last longer.

We advice all the clients to visit us for a free consultation in order to check the quality of our hair, to see how they will look like after the procedure and the right price to be calculated. The maintenance expenses are minimal – bearing in mind that the maintenance is made each 4 to 6 weeks, the prices that we offer are advantageous – maintenance of three rows hair extension, purchased from our beauty shop, is 35 leva – expense that is made once per month and a half.