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QUESTION My hair won’t grow, it looks thin and sparse, the ends are splitting, and I dream of having long, thick and beautiful hair. I know that this can be achieved only by using extension and thickening methods but I am confused as for the method which I should choose. Could you advise me on the topic?
ANSWER Doubtless, hair is of great importance for the looks of a woman – it can make us feel beautiful, improve our disposition and our mood, but it can also be the reason for constant dissatisfaction and can even become the focus of an inferiority complex, especially under the influence of external factors and the permanent application of dyes, bleaches, hair irons and styling products.

That is why we, the team of LADIES’ POINT, are at your service – within an amazingly short time we can turn your hair into a long, luscious and shiny mane.

When making the decision to extend or thicken your hair, you should get yourself acquainted with the various methods used, with the quality of the hair you will be using (nowadays everyone advertises their hair to be 100% natural which is not always the case), as well as with the professional qualities of the experts who you will visit. When you are well informed about all aspects of the procedure, it’s normal to feel more confident about the quality of the service. With the assistance of the experts whom you will visit you will be able to choose the best and most convenient way to do the procedure.

We advise you to book a consultation hour with one of our experts. This is the first and most important thing you should do if you have decided to extend or thicken your hair. Consultations are free and clients can see for themselves the quality of the hair we offer – exclusively Bulgarian, completely natural human hair, as well as see the quality of the chief method we use. With our help you can choose the hair that is best for you, we can clarify the effect you want to achieve – extension that adds a thickening effect or simply a thickening of your own length of hair. We can decide how many wefts we will use so we can calculate the amount of hair needed, we will take measurements so the weft can be planned and cut. We will also discuss the final hairdo that you want. For the sake of your own comfort, it’s very important that the attached hair is natural, human hair due to the fact that it does not get tangled easily, does not fall off and blends perfectly with your own.
There are four chief methods for hair extension and each of them has its own variations.
  · Sewing-in method ·  
This is the first method that has proven its worth over time and is the most sparing one both for your own and for the added hair. With this method the wefts of extension hair are sewn-in in a special way, using knots binding them with the client’s own hair. This is also the most appropriate method for both thin and weak hair and for thick and strong hair. This method that we at LADIES’ POINT use and which we are famous for, is the most complex in terms of application, because very few professionals have mastered it down to the details. Hair must first be distributed well; then sewn-in tightly, so that the joints are not tangible. The locks of your hair should remain intact and at the same time the weft should be so placed that it does not tear or hurt the client. It is very important to obtain the effect of completely fused hair. That is why extensions should be maintained at periods of about a month and a half because your hair grows and the extension droops together with it. Maintenance is extremely important if you want to ensure your comfort and perfect image. Furthermore, maintenance for 3 sewn-in rows lasts only about 30-40 minutes.
  · Extension through separate locks, using clasps ·  
With this method separate locks of additional hair are attached to your own with the use of multiple clasps – small metal pieces that are opened and closed with a special tool that resembles a pair of pliers. This method is recommended above all for thick and curly hair because with thinner hair there is a possibility that the clasps will show through. Also, during maintenance your own locks could be cut unintentionally. Maintenance is performed over longer periods of time – usually every 2 to 3 months but it takes about 2 hours because all clasps need to be opened, the locks of additional hair must be removed, processed and then attached again.
  · Extension through separate locks, using gluing ·  
Here once again we don’t use wefts but separate locks of additional hair that are glued to your own hair using various glues with different elasticity and strength (creatine, silicone, resin, etc.). The team of LADIES’ POINT does not recommend this method as the thermal processing of the joints is not very sparing towards both the client’s hair and the extensions – a fact proven through practice. Despite that, by client request, we also use this method for extension and thickening.
  • ARCOS method – using stickers and liquid glues to attach the extension to the base of locks of the client’s own hair
  • RACOON method – a method practiced in England where ready, separated locks that have already been prepared as extensions are attached to the client’s hair – something that can be done by anyone, without special training, but using only synthetic hair.
  • Using clamps
Clamps are small combs that are sewn to the hair that is already planned and cut for a certain client that allow the extension to be put on and removed multiple times. This method requires no maintenance – you just have to get used to taking the wefts off and putting them back on yourself but you have to keep in mind that the joints are not very strong.

Regardless of which method you choose, bear in mind that the quality of additional hair is of great importance. That is why guarantee that if you use our services you will walk away satisfied and will feel comfortable with your new image.