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Since hoary antiquity, beauty has always been fetishized, deified, and glorified, and man, looking for perfection, has been trying incessantly to find a solution of each aesthetic problem.
Hair, as part of personal vision has been, is and will be an invariable part of human perception for beauty and being such hair is full of deep symbolism. Even the ancient nations believed that hair is a soul guardian, and today the perfect female image is inextricably bound up with the vision of splendid, long, and well-cared hairstyle.
The symbolism of hair is an invariable part of almost all Old-Bulgarian legends – beginning with the legend of Kaliakra Cape, which tells about 40 young girls who bound their long hairs and jumped into the sea in order to escape from the Turks; continuing with the legends of Rila and Pirin Mountains, which took their names from the names of a couple in love, where the girl had been known for her hair, heavier than gold; and finishing with the legends of Tazha River, Belogradchik Rocks and Galatea, which heroines were Bulgarian young girls, mainly described by their graceful waists, scarlet lips and hairs, which are heavy and long down to their heels.

Hair legends are spread all over the world, having their roots back in antiquity. We have all heard of Samson, who lost his power when Delilah knew the secret of his invincibility and cut his long curls. We have all seen the image of the Gorgon Medusa, with serpents for her hair, which were able to turn one into stone. Ancient nations also believed that the dead men should not be sent to their after-life without a comb and a scissors. It is not by chance that all the noblemen in the West-European Royal Court carried wigs, and that hairdressing procedures were performed only by a specially trained staff, and taken as something extremely exotic, which only rich men could afford.
Until this day in ''Tirupati'' Temple, in India, a place annually visited by 10 000 Indians on the average, 700 hairdressers shave day and night those believers, who travel several days to the Temple with the only purpose to give their hair as present to the God of Wealth, and thus to endow a part of their souls and attest their gratitude that their destiny has driven in a positive direction.
  Years ago, Victoria Beckam declared that she has got clusters on her head, cut from the hair of a Russian female prisoner. It is an indisputable fact that the best-qualified product on the market of natural hair is the East-European hair, including Bulgarian one, which is processed only by hand, by a team of professionals, including wig master, cutter, hairdresser and hair dye expert.  
Taking into consideration the value and quality of natural hair, we, at LADIES’ POINT do our best so that you enjoy and use hair extension and hair thickening service, that could improve your self-confidence and could utterly change your vision.
We invite you to visit us and use our services drinking a cup of coffee in a calm and cozy atmosphere.